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You'll be first to know about what we are working on and first to get your hands on it! 

Not only that but you'll get it for exclusive price as a reward for your input and opinion about our products.
Here is How it Works
1. We will email you what products we are working on.
2. You'll let us know whether it is something you would be interested in and if there is some feature you would like to add/remove.
3. Once product is developed, we will email you again and let you grab it for lowest price anyone will be ever able to get it for. This will be your reward for your input.

Oh, and you can also let us know about any product you would like us to develop, because it might happen!

Main benefit of this is that you'll get customizable products tailored to your needs which you helped develop and at lowest price anyone will ever be able to!

"I received one of the best knee compression sleeves from athledict I ever owned at 50% of what it is actually selling for and BEFORE it was actually available for sale! I even had my custom input in this product by giving suggestion to athledict team based on my experience with previous knee sleeves. It's greatly helping me to get through my morning runs!" -Kathy