About Us

Our Brand's Belief and Mission:

And we believe athletes should not be punished for their performance with pain, injuries and slow recovery!

We help relentless athletes (those who don't want to stop or slow down, even when hurt!) to move with more confidence and less pain.

We create unique tools and gear that are versatile and comfortable use for someone who is active throughout the day.
When pain, injury, soreness or slow recovery holds you back in doing what you love, our gear helps you move forward by giving you tremendous support, prevention, pain relief and recovery. No matter where you are or what you do.

We believe everyone, including you, should be able to move with more confidence and less pain and become one day that 90 years young bad-ass with abs, rather than be tied down to a bed at that age!

We are just bunch of athletes frustrated with downsides of active life. And we hope our inventions help you out just like they did help us out.

Move with More Confidence and Less Pain. So You Can Perform At Your Best for Decades to Come!

Our Company's Philosophy:

We are Customer Driven company, yes, Customer Driven NOT just Customer Centric!
This means all our products are developed by our customers just like you. We come up with ideas and manufacturing power but ultimately, we believe that because these products are for YOU, it's Only You who has final word and suggestion of which of our ideas makes it to the market! 

And we even take your ideas! Do you have any idea that would help you perform with more confidence and less pain? Recover faster with more convenience? Shoot us message at hello@athledict.com and we would LOVE to hear from you!

We really hate when companies are forcing their ideas and agenda on their customers. It doesn't mean we don't innovate. It means when we innovate, we ask our customers for opinion, not our CEO!