Q: Size I chosen based on sizing chart doesn't fit, what do I do?
A: Just message us at hello@athledict.com and we will exchange your size free of charge

Q: My product teared or has some kind of manufacturer damage, what do I do if it's past 30 day return on amazon?
A: If product has any kind of manufacturer damage we will exchange your damaged one for new one within 1 year.

Q: I'm not sure how to use product, where can I learn more?
A: For more information and instructions about product, visit it's page on our website.

Q: I bought knee sleeve from you and it's slipping down, what can I do?
A: In most cases this is sizing problem, just contact us and we will exchange your current size for different one. If you think size is right and it still slips, try wrapping strap horizontally just around top area of sleeve.

Q: How to wash knee/ankle sleeve?
A: We do recommend hand wash in cold water and use mild soap if necessary. Rinse thoroughly. Then let it air dry at around room temperature. Just don't machine wash it dry.

Q: Where can I find sizing chart?
A: Size chart for each individual product is in pictures section of that product.