Marketing Post Questions

FAQs for Marketing Post:

Q: What would typical day looks like?
A: Example might look like this: You create some landing page on our website for our scheduled launch. You make sure landing page redirects to amazon or our shopping cart for our product we are promoting.
You integrate our landing page's email opt-in with our email providers, either via services like zappier or directly, whatever works, that will be up to you to find a proper solution to achieve our goals.
The you might schedule email and FB messenger broadcast and sequence to prepare launch of product and send traffic to our landing page.
Then setup re-targeting ads for our page visitors on FB.
Then measuring results, usually throughout a week.
You might pre-prepare content for engaging our audience and customers week after the launch. This might be then customized by you, for Instagram, FB, Email and FB messenger.
You would reply to comments, measure what works and do more of it, and gather data.
Then, at your pace, you would learn from resources and courses that you'll be provided for free (it's retail value in total is around $100,000 and all from verified multi-millionaire marketers and entrepreneurs).
Then you should provide report of what have you accomplished during the day and what you needed more help with and offer any suggestions if possible.

Q: How many hours should I work per day?
A: It's up to you. You will be provided clear expectations and goals and metrics you need to meet. If you can do that in 1 hour a day, good for you. If it takes you 15 hours a day, this job is probably not for you.

With that said, job time will always vary. It's intensity and cognitive load as well. Over time, however, it will get more automated as we learn what works. One day you might work 8 hours and another 3 hours. It will all just depend.

But you'll be paid for results. So it's great opportunity for you if you think you are talented and would enjoy this type of work.

Q: How much can I expect to get paid?
A: Depending on your experience and value you can provide it will vary.
But you can expect anything from $600 - $1600 per month in first few months.

If you are just beginner but have desire, motivation, ambitions and talent to do this, you can look at it as apprenticeship and training + you get paid around $600 per month, while you learn practical marketing things that work right now, unlike in school and you get information that is being sold for $100,000 or more for free. And as bonus, work whenever you want and be part of non-corporate and friendly team!

This is not job for you if you are looking to make lot of money, quickly. But rather love marketing and want to enjoy your life and share our company's belief.

Over time, as we scale our company, you might expected to become leading CMO and you'll be responsible for managing and training another marketing people under you. This would definitely raise your pay. + possibility of receiving company shares when you stick with us for long enough and are extremely valuable for us.

Q: Do you hire me as employee or freelancer/contractor?
A: Due to structure of our business, we can only hire you freelancer/contractor.

Good news is, that in every country it is very easy and cheap to setup freelancer's license and everyone should have this ability.

We can setup contract so we both feel comfortable working together so neither us or you are scared other party can quit from day to day.

But there will be 3 month test period for you, where you are not yet guaranteed job.

Q: Where are you based? Do we need to meet in person?
A: Our company is based in Hong Kong. No worries, you don't have to travel there, lol.

Our company's legal name is Ovion Limited under which our brand Athledict is operated.

Founder and CEO of company is born and based in Slovakia. 
There are people working for us and with us all over the world. So your time should be flexible.
You'll need to have free time to work around US time because all of our customers are now in USA, and you might need to have some interactions with them. Not customer support, but engagement based via social media.

Q: Can I study or work while having this job?
A: Sure, that's up to you if you can keep it up.

Q: How long you have been around? How did you start and who you are?
A: Fair question. Brand Athledict was founded by me (Oliver, Founder) in 2016.
It was started with $2500 and 1 product that no longer exists.

There was lots of failure and couple of successes that made us what we are today.

We gathered thousands of positive reviews and feedback and sold over 50,000 units of our products just online.
Most of this happened just in last couple of months. Each year this business tripled in revenue and it will do so again.

Majority of this was predicated on understand on platforms like amazon, and product research and development. As well as understanding of human nature and behavior on such platforms and outside of it and marketing in general.

Now we are moving more to social media and customer centric approach, rather than platform optimization. This is difference between generating sales and building brand. We are shifting from making lots of sales online, to building a brand. And for that we need more help.

We are small team of 3 people, and you'd be 4th.

Currently our growth is so rapid, we need to hire to continue scaling. Marketing should no longer be done by Founder of company as basic systems and strategies have been established, now we just need someone who can execute them on regular basis and over time, improve on them.