COVID-19 Prevention

In case you've missed our important email about how we, as beaten up athletes, protect ourselves and our families during COVID-19 pandemic. Here is copy of email we've sent out:

How We and Our Families Stay Safe and Protected from Coronavirus

Hi there, you know what's going on and you heard about it everywhere.

So I don't want to take up much of your time and I hope you and your family are all well and safe.

Therefore, straight to the point.

Here are few tips and tactics me and our team use to protect ourselves and our families. It's especially applicable when you are beaten up athlete (like myself), recovering from injury or just want to stay active and safe at the same time.

That's because all these things compromise our immune system and natural defenses of our body.

So here are ways to keep sickness at bay, I hope it finds you well:

Coronavirus official resource center providing you with just facts and live statistics, instead of rumors or unsupported opinions:

For latest health related information always contact your doctor and please follow guidelines of WHO at

1. WASH YOUR HANDS: with soap in warm water for 20+ seconds.

2. WATCH WHERE YOU COUGH: Cough and sneeze into tissue or your elbow. Don't cough or sneeze into your hands.

3. DON'T TOUCH IT: Don't touch your eyes, mouth or nose. (If you are in quarantine it might be tempting to pick your nose out of boredom, but just don't).

4. CLEAN IT: Clean everything you touch. Or at least, things that other people frequently touch.

5. NO CONTACT? Avoid close contact with other people. Not most pleasant but doable for a while, so yeah, no contact sports or intimacy for a while.

6. ISOLATION: I know, no one likes this advice. But avoiding social gatherings and also team sports is now best bet for your longevity.

7. VITAMIN D: Powerful source for immune protection. Best sources: Sun, cod liver oil, wild salmon, sardines, egg yolks - in that order. Alternatively supplements work but always just as supplements, not substitute.

8. VITAMIN C: No surprise here. Best sources: Lemon, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli, oranges. Alternatively supplements work but always just as supplements, not substitute.

9. ANTIOXIDANTS: Look for purple and dark colored stuff like blueberries, blackberries, and also certain mushrooms do help as well!

10. ANTI-INFLAMMATION: You need to cut back on inflammation in your body to support your immune system. Following things do help: Turmeric, garlic, above antioxidants or quick cold showers (unless you are sick already!).

11. SLEEP. Can't stress this enough, but if you do all of things mentioned here but you don't get enough sleep, your immunity is still being compromised a lot. Avoiding blue light, electronics and stress before bed helps you fall a sleep. Good time to start meditating too!

12. NO WORKOUTS? Stop your hard workouts. Working hard is demanding on your immune system so in pandemic times, dial down on hard workouts. Opt-in for something easier, for example cut your workout in half in time or cut intensity in half.

13. NO GYM? Don't go to the gym. Gym is full of germs even in normal days.You don't want to risk it these days, perfect time to dial your workout back.

14. STILL MOVE! Do home workout. Not being active at all does make you less healthy as well so you shouldn't stop all together to move. Do lighter home workout instead.

15. MASK: Yes or No? Wear mask if you can. But keep in mind regular surgeon mask is good at keeping your stuff in, but not outside stuff out. Look for KN95 mask which has better protection for you, rather than just people around you. But something is always better than nothing!

16. SHOP ONLINE: Everyone is stocking on toiler paper (for some unknown reason?) and food. So shopping centers are becoming hot spots to catch something because its just so crowded. Online shopping of all essentials is your friend these days.

17. SICK? DON'T PANIC! If you are feeling sick, stay home and call your doctor. It's still statistically much more likely you are having regular flu or cold, because symptoms are almost same (fever, cough, sore-throat) and there is still much more people catching flu or cold than COVID-19.

BONUS TIP: Stay calm and considerate of other people. Be example and don't spread panic and rumors. Be nice to people, some people can be rude and misbehave during these times but it's not because they're bad people, but because they just can't handle situation. We'll be fine, you'll be fine.


I hope this email finds you well and last thing I want to add, you probably don't have to worry as long as you adhere to most of these tips, chances of you contracting Coronavirus are small as of right now.

And as always, if you have any questions or feedback, just hit that "reply" button and let me know your thoughts! Me and my team are reading every single reply we get :)

Best Regards,
Founder of Athledict

BTW: did you know that those who recover from COVID-19 have antibodies that can help those who are currently infected?