Why You Will HATE Newest Knee Sleeve with Hot/Cold Therapy?


Great Product Used Incorrectly Will Still Yield Bad Results

As you have already heard, we've just launched our brand new, 1st Ever Comfortable Knee Compression Sleeve with Hot/Cold Therapy On-The-Go for most intense knee pain relief and preventionanytime and anywhere!

But as great as this sounds, it still comes with potential problems.

But worry not! Because we've thought about this and every one of these problems has a solution.

So before you start using your new knee compression sleeve with hot/cold therapy (if you haven't ordered yet at early bird price that saves you $23 from retail price, you can do so by clicking here), here are some most common problems and how to solve them:

As first, note that you will get detailed booklet with instructions that address these problems. So please read it as this technology is bit new. But luckily, it's easy and quick to get used to once tried!

Problem #1: "My Sleeve is Rolling/Slipping DOWN!"
Solution: In 90% of cases this is sign of having too small size. "But I have followed your size chart!" 
Yes, we know. Every sizing chart is just a guideline and not a rule. So please expect some error because everybody is little different and as a small family business we had just limited sample size when developing our sizing chart.
But no worries, just email us at hello@athledict.com and we will quickly send you right size. In 90% of cases it will be larger one but sometimes smaller one will help with this, too.

Problem #2: "It's Too Tight/Small!" or "It's Too Loose/Big!"
Solution: Simple, just email us at hello@athledict.com and we'll send you correct size ASAP and no extra cost. 
Your feedback will also help us improve our sizing chart closer to perfection as well!

Problem #3: "My Hot/Cold Packs Don't Stay Hot/Cold Long Enough!"
Solution: They should stay cold for up to 1h in room temperature. Hot about 30 minutes.
This assumes they had been frozen overnight and heated properly as per instructions. 
But one possible cause that might be overlooked is soaking time of hot/cold packs.
Longer you soak them, bigger they get. Bigger they get, longer they last hot/cold. So we recommend at first let them soak for at least 10 minutes. For more, see instruction booklet. 

Problem #4: "There Is Product Quality Problem! (Tear, Ripping of Hot/Cold Packs or Sleeve or Similar)
Solution: While we inspect our inventory before shipping, our inspectors are still humans and make errors from time to time. 
So defective unit might slip through our tests and controls.
But no worries. Our guarantee and warranty are made just for this so you can shop with us with absolute peace of mind.
Just email us at hello@athledict.com and we will ship you for free brand new replacement or give full refund. Whichever you prefer!

Problem #5: "Ice Packs Are Too Bulky and Hard!"
Solution: While this shouldn't be any problem because even when fully soaked and totally frozen, these ice packs remain flexible. But some people might still be little uncomfortable with them at a times.
However, solution is rather stupidly simple: position ice packs little bit to the side, left or right, up or down, to find ideal position. Play with it until it "sits" right on your knee. At certain positions it can be uncomfortable, but within few seconds of playing you will find that right position that just "clicks" for your knee.
Another solution might be to soak ice packs less so they aren't so big, but this will shorten time of how long they remain cold.

I had this same problem with one of our first prototypes and wanted to redesign it. But then I just positioned it half of the inch to the side, and it was literally 100x more comfortable and I was like "Okay, I have to make sure to let our customers know about this." So, here it is :)

Different Problem?
We have identified these 5 problems to be most common potential culprits in your success with this Knee Compression Sleeve with Hot/Cold Therapy, but with thousands of customers using it for hundreds of hours, we expect another ones emerge.

And while all of these are very rare and will barely affect 1% of our customer base altogether, we know it might get annoying when you become that 1%...

So please feel free to refer to this email and our instruction booklet, and most importantly, our #1 Customer Service in Sports Medicine Industry at Hello@Athledict.com if any of these or other issues comes your way and you cannot find solution.

With that said, if you are one of those 99% for whom everything goes smoothly and get intense and comfortable knee pain relief and prevention on-the-go, we'd love to hear from you too! :)

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